testimonials from parents


The videos described below were shot in August 2015 and can be viewed on this website. Please feel free to watch them all when deciding which childminding service to use. All the videos show some of the games and facilities we have.


The first video is called Alfie's story and in it, Alfie's mother describes our childminding service as "Home from home". She also talks about the facilities and games that we provide and about the trips out we conduct for the children. Check it out here


Joseph's story is again narrated by his mother and she talks about "Nothing but happy memories". She has four adult children who were all looked after by us. She mentions the many and various activities that we organise for the children. The video can be seen here.


Preston's mother narrates this video in which she talks about the way we keep a record, day by day, on all the children, their activities and any problems so that we can report to their families every week. She also talks about the fact that this is a small, family environment and her son has been there since he was ten months old. See it here


In this video, we talk about our role as childminders and describe exactly why we love our jobs. Check it out here

Please note: We have permission from the parents to use these videos .